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We understand that one’s family, especially one’s child is the most precious thing in anyone’s life. And it is very important for parents to have legal certainty for their child. The happiness of a parent is unexplainable when the legalities get finalized and the result is just, and fair;  we do our best that your rights are respected. Adoption is another complex area of the family law and especially same-sex couples have to deal with specific challenges in the adoption process. In some cases, when a parent is not ready to return the child to the person who is responsible for the childcare, a recovery order needs to be made. Recovery orders are made for recovering a child and prohibits the person from taking possession of the child again.

Our adoption lawyers in Perth can help you get back your child.

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Surrogacy Lawyers in Perth –Best Advice and Assistance

Surrogacy is a solution for some couples to experience the parenthood. Commercial surrogacy is illegal in Western Australia and non-commercial surrogacy is governed by Surrogacy Act 2008. Surrogacy is a complex area of law and it sets out legal requirements for surrogacy arrangements (non-commercial surrogacy) that can be made between well-suited individuals. Assessment needs under the Surrogacy Act 2008 demand parties to get independent legal help and guidance so that all parties are completely informed regarding the legal outcomes of a surrogacy. Our lawyers can provide the independent legal advice required before surrogacy and in making a surrogacy agreement.

Our team of Surrogacy Lawyers in Perth is highly professional and experienced in their field. If you need any assistance or advice regarding surrogacy, feel free to contact us our Family lawyers in Perth will be happy to guide you through your legal issues.

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