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Family lawyers Perth WA is a service of Tang Law. Our team of family lawyers in Perth provides help to the individuals in all the areas of family law which includes divorcesettlement of property, issues in regards to children, child support and other similar issues. In case, you need assistance regarding the restraining orders which commonly arise in Family Court proceedings, then get in touch with our family lawyers in Perth. You will get professional advice regarding all family law issues.

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  • By availing our services, you will get a detailed understanding of the complete legal process of your matter.
  • We help you understand complicated legal terms and conditions related to your case.
  • We try to resolve a dispute in or out of court as appropriate.
  • We give you perfect advice regarding your different rights at every stage.
  • We provide proper assistance regarding perfect living and care arrangements for your children.
  • Experienced in tackling issues like emotional abuse, physical abuse, financial abuse, etc.
  • We believe in deep study of the specific matter, as every case is unique, to give personalised service.


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We make it easy for you to go through the different legal procedures, as we stand by you throughout the case.

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  • We all dream of a happy family and me and my wife were also among many of those who wish the same. But a family is incomplete without a child and unfortunately, we were never blessed with this most beautiful feeling. We also tried to adopt a child but that also seems to be a difficult task to us as we are stuck with legal matters, as a result, this beautiful dream seems to be a nightmare to us. So, we searched for family lawyers near us and got to know about Family Lawyers Perth WA. We explained all the matter to them & they understood all very nicely. Family lawyer Perth helps us throughout the procedure and assists us with all the legalities. A heartfelt thanks to family lawyers Perth WA and their immense services.

    Sansa Stark
  • After a divorce I was looking for a Family Lawyer in Perth to assist me with my child custody. Through the recommendation of one of my friends, I got to know about Family Lawyers Perth WA. The child custody lawyer studied my case deeply and helped me in getting custody of my child. Moreover, the lawyer was very prompt and genuine in helping me with my case. Overall I got a very professional and decent service that proved that my decision of selecting family lawyer Perth was a fruitful one. Thank you Family Lawyers Perth WA team for sorting all the legal procedures and your hard work.

    Jaime Lannister
  • it is not easy to raise a voice against domestic voilence and i was feeling suffocated in this relationship. but then, one of my friends arranged a meeting with family lawyers perth,WA, asking me to consult them for one of my matters. i explained everything i was facing and they assigned a domestic Voilence lawyer who listined to me carefully. he was friendly, efficient, timely and infomative. the lawyer gave me the right solution and without misleading me. i would highly recommend family lawyers perth for any of your legal matters

    John Snow
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