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If you are a victim of domestic violence then don’t wait, immediately report your situation to the police. They can issue on the spot order for your safety for 72 hours and you can also apply for VRO – Violence Restraining Order that will give you protection for another 2 years. Domestic violence is a serious offence and the Family court takes it very seriously. It is advisable to consult a domestic violence lawyer as soon as possible.

Domestic and family violence is not only physical abuse, it also includes emotional abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse verbal abuse, and/or economic abuse. Threatening or coercive acts or behaviour used to manipulate or control a family member is also called domestic violence. When a child gets exposed to this kind of situation, the child also suffers family violence.

Our Family Lawyers are experienced and professional lawyers who can help you to achieve a positive result as fast as possible at an affordable price. The issue of Family domestic violence is taken very seriously by the Family Court, especially if a child is involved. An urgent order can be requested by an eligible applicant from the court for the protection of a child who is exposed or likely to be exposed to physical or psychological harm from any parent.

Domestic violence is not acceptable anymore so don’t suffer, consult an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Our team of Family Lawyers is always available for your help. Give us a call anytime or send us an email, our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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Our Family lawyers will provide you with the right advice legal pathway. Our lawyers will thoroughly understand your situation and issues first and then they will discuss the expected possible outcomes and the legal pathways with you. Our lawyers will also help you to decide whether to apply for Violence Restraining Order, divorce or child custody.

Need assistance, or just need to talk to someone? Get in touch with us – our Family Lawyers have successfully helped many cases of domestic violence. You can call us on the provided contact number or send us an email on the given email address. Feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you.

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