Drafting Your Binding Financial Agreement

A binding financial agreement (BFA)is indispensable for financial and succession planning. A BFA is an agreement between an individual and his/her partner that clearly states out the financial separation and protects each of their estates if they choose to separate from each other after marriage or a de facto relationship. Although there are many financial agreements lawyers Perth, you need to choose a reputed law firm since matters related to financial agreements can get quite tricky at times.

What we, as financial settlement lawyers Perth would like to explain is that our clients should not mistake a BFA for a prenuptial agreement, also known as the prenup. A prenup is an American concept that makes an agreement between two partners before marriage. This does not apply to Western Australia. BFA is an entirely different concept that is applicable to Western Australia.

Our team of Family Lawyers in Perth is one of the best Financial agreements lawyers in Perth. We can also help you with matters such as division of property which includes superannuation and spousal maintenance.

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The focus of our financial settlement lawyers team is to guard the interests of our clients to the best of our abilities. our family lawyers in Perth assist couples with the preparation of BFAs during their marriage or de facto relationship and also after the breakdown of the marriage or de facto relationship. Choose the best minds to draft your financial settlement.

Benefits of our services:

  • We possess the extensive knowledge to meet all technical requirements.
  • Our lawyers are competent to foresee and meet all future challenges readily.
  • We prepare BFAs in the most organized and structured approach, thus eliminating possible complexities in the future.

If our clients have had a divorce in the past or they own real estate among other significant assets then we highly recommend that they fix an appointment with one of our team members and let us prepare a solid binding financial agreement that best guards their interests.

Since a BFA cannot be entered into at the eleventh hour, you will need to follow a legal process and hire 2 experienced and independent family law lawyers to legally represent both the parties. So, if you need assistance call our Family Lawyers and fix an appointment today!