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Divorce Lawyers Perth

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage which takes place by making an application for divorce, by either party or jointly. Every person’s situation and circumstances are different and so is their reasons of getting divorced. Some of the reasons are lack of commitment, infidelity, abusive behaviour of either partner, lack of financial connection or understanding, etc.

Out team of Divorce Lawyers in Perth believes in building and maintaining strong client relationships and providing the best legal services. Our team of divorce lawyers provides legal advice and assistance to our clients to understand the legal issues surrounding their separation and other legal matters.


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Process of application for a divorce

Before applying for a divorce, an applicant needs to fulfil some requirements.

  • Proof of orders or any existing cases regarding parenting arrangements or property settlement.
  • For any child under 18 years, details of custody and care arrangements need to be submitted
  • Proof that you and your partner are separated for 12 months, and there is no way of reconciliation.

You can apply for a divorce using online application on the website. After the court receives your application, they will send a file number, and a date and time for hearing. In case, you are a sole applicant then you need to serve the sealed application copy to your spouse at least before 28 days of the hearing. After all this, the hearing will take place and if your divorce application is successful then you will be granted a divorce which will come into effect 1 month and 1 day after the hearing.

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How Divorce Lawyers Perth, Can Help You?

How Divorce Lawyers Perth, Can Help You?

We understand that end of a marriage is difficult for the whole family. Our lawyers are experienced to assist you during in this difficult phase as well as with court representation, personally, we prefer settlement with negotiation.

It is advisable to finalize all parenting and financial matters before applying for the divorce. We know that reaching an agreement on child custody or children’s matter is not always possible and we can help in providing advice on how the Act/Acts will apply in such cases.

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How Divorce Lawyers Perth, Can Help You?

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