Separation and legal processes

When there is no prospect of reconciliation and one or both the parties no longer regard themselves to be in a partnership, that state of fact is Separation. Living apart from your partner is not necessary to be separated legally,  you could be legally separated from your partner despite living under one roof until the conditions for separation have occurred. In Family Law Act, a ‘kiss and makeup’ provision is available that allows separated couples to get back together for up to 3 months for trying and making the relationship work.

Before separation, it is advisable to consult an expert for proper advice on various issues like child custody, children’s arrangement, property settlement and more because decisions regarding this kind of issues may have consequences that could lead to problems in future. In order to get a divorce, the court requires evidence for verification that you have been separated despite living ‘under the one roof’.

Our family lawyers are well experienced in their field of work and can provide legal advice and assistance to you to understand the legal issues surrounding your separation and other legal matters. Feel free to contact us – for an initial consultation or any other legal matters.

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