What is consent order

A mutual agreement between the two spouses headed for divorce is not enough. Until and unless a consent order is received from the court, one cannot formalize or enter a binding financial agreement. Our team of Family Lawyers in Perth assists our clients with the process of consent order application.

In most cases, both parties are able to reach an agreement with respect to their financial settlement. This settlement generally encompasses property settlement, spousal maintenance, child support and even superannuation splitting orders. To tactfully handle all of these factors and finally apply to the family court for the consent order, you need the assistance of a competent consent orders lawyer.

We help you to reach an agreement amicably and file an application for the consent order for final financial orders in the family court of Western Australia.

The reason why you may need professional assistance with filing application for a consent order is, most often parties are unable to draft application in a properly organized manner. Since the consent order shall bind both parties, it is highly recommended for both parties to have their application at least reviewed by experienced consent orders lawyers.

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Our team of family lawyers are one of the leading law firms in Perth, WA. If you need the assistance of an affordable family lawyer in Perth who offer skilled legal services then you have come to the right place.

Our competent and experienced lawyers can assist you with:

  • Educating you about everything related to consent orders.
  • Help out with breaching court orders.
  • Help with drafting both consent orders and BFAs
  • Review your consent orders and file for application in family court.

Our family lawyers will explain all the options available to you and finally take you through the right route to apply for the consent order. So, if you are about to apply for your consent order, we would be glad to assist you. Call us on our phone number today!

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