Mediation cases rise when surrogacy is involved. Either the surrogate mother may want her child back, or the arranged parents may want their children from the surrogate mother.

  • Surrogacy is of two types- traditional: where the birth mother’s egg gets fertilized by a sperm donor or the arranged father, and gestational: where the egg and sperm of arranged parents are fertilized externally and implanted in the birth mother’s womb for fertilization and the birth mother is not related to the child genetically.
  • Western Australia is the only place in Australia where traditional surrogacy is still permitted.
  • Surrogacy is on no account a commercial process. The birth mother or sperm donor cannot be given money for service, except the money needed by a birth mother to pay the pregnancy and birth expenses.
  • The birth mother must be 25 years old and must have been a mother before.
  • The surrogacy arrangement must be duly signed by everyone involved in the process, right from the donors to birth mother and each of the arranged parents.
  • Each member of the agreement must have had thorough clinical counselling and medical help at least three months before the agreement.
  • The agreement is then approved in writing by the Reproductive Technology Council.

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