Nine Things You Should Know About The Domestic Violence Process

June 6, 2022    Familylawyers
Nine Things You Should Know About The Domestic Violence Process

Even if you are not a victim of domestic violence, it might be happening near you or by you. It affects many people in different ways as it also affects society. But it does not mean that everyone has the power to stop it. Even if you cannot stop it, there are moments where we stay silent amidst misunderstandings and special norms that keep it going.

When domestic violence is stopped, it enables all men, women and children to participate in society and be themselves. When you hire a domestic violence lawyer, you can fight against such violence in court and ensure that the perpetrator is punished.

Things To Know About Domestic Violence  

Regarding domestic violence, you need to know facts that are related to it and know that knowledge is power. Here are nine things that you must know regarding domestic violence:

1. Whether Directly Or Indirectly, Domestic Violence Affects Us In Some Way Or The Other

Domestic violence exists everywhere despite any class, country or community. This type of violence hurts men, women and children, whether they are victims, witnesses or perpetrators. 

One in every fifteen children is exposed to domestic violence in several countries; this puts them at risk of depression, anxiety, PTSD and much more violence. 

When people witness violence in their own homes, they will be one of the strongest predictors of violence in adult and intimate relationships. Domestic violence is a problem that must be addressed.

2. Domestic Abuse May Be More Prevalent Than We Realise.

Domestic violence may have declined significantly in countries such as the United States, yet one in every four women is still subjected to it at some point in their lives. Many incidents may go unreported, especially for members of the immigrant, LGBTQ, and other depowered communities. 

3. It Is Not Only Physical  

Domestic abuse can be verbal, sexual or emotional, and it may also involve social isolation, financial control and other coercive tactics to maintain power. 

4. It May Start Delicately 

Domestic violence might start as more minor, escalating moments of intimidation or possessiveness. 

5. It Can Be A Deadly Thing 

Many female homicide victims are murdered by their existing or former partners every year in many countries. This is why families opt to hire domestic violence lawyers in Perth to seek justice for the victim.

6. It Might Be Difficult To Leave, And Risks Can Be Increased 

Sometimes, leaving might seem like a no-brainer, but staying with an abusive partner is not appropriate. There are many reasons, such as the effects of emotional manipulation, isolation, economic independence and many more and most importantly, love.

But when a victim considers leaving the relationship, discussing or starting to leave their partner, they are subjected to multiple risks. They might be victims of sexual violence, stalking, immense physical violence or even murder.

This is arguably the most dangerous time for a woman when she tries to leave an abusive relationship. This is why it is important to help such victims, as they are often left alone in such situations.  

7. It Is Important To Support And Trust Survivors Even If They Are Still In An Abusive Situation

Though you might not be able to save someone from abuse, you need to try, as complicated and frustrating as it sounds. Provide such victims with your support, listen to their issues, convey your concern for them, and tell them that you are there for them.

Do not need to be another person in their life telling them what to do; you need to show them how it feels to be listened to and have their agency honoured. You can share your concerns, present them with appropriate options and help them make their own choices. 

8. Interrupting Or Intervening In A Safe Manner Is Possible.

You’ll need to create a distraction by ringing the doorbell, having the doorman call, or using other methods. Sometimes, even a brief interruption can help to interrupt domestic violence. 

Doing so might even send a message that the community is watching them and indicating that domestic violence cannot be accepted. This needs to be done before hiring family lawyers in Perth.

9. You May Begin Right At Home.

Starting with your own family, career, friendships, and communities, you can model nonviolent behaviour and language. Must demonstrate respect for all people and avoid gender stereotypes.

You may help your children develop open and healthy relationships, but if you are experiencing or seeing abuse and violence, you should get help. You are the one who has the power to initiate calm and polite interactions.

Types of Domestic Violence 

As per a report, verbal abuse is one of the most common kinds of domestic violence, followed by sexual harassment, physical abuse, denial of communication and necessities. Seven out of ten women felt that violence against women is common in their neighbourhood. 

Some of the forms of domestic violence are as follows:

# Physical Abuse 

Domestic violence through physical abuse is easily one of the most recognized forms of domestic violence. This type of violence involves physical harm that is caused to the victim. 

Physical abuse may also include physical contact that might be done to cause fear of harm, injury and other types of violence. Physical violence is all about showing and asserting dominance and control. 

Other forms of abusive behaviours like intimidation, threats and restrictions on victims are self-determined due to isolation, manipulation and other limitations of personal freedom that can lead to such violence. 

Physical abuse might also include denial of medical care, forced drug and alcohol usage and sleep deprivation. It might also include inflicting physical harm on other people like pets and children to harm the victim emotionally. 

The common types of physical abuse include choking, punching, slapping, hitting and many more. Smashing walls, throwing objects, and forceful restraint also comes under the same type of abuse. Physical abuse during pregnancy might harm the woman and the fetus, leading to long-lasting consequences.   

# Emotional And Physical Abuse

It is necessary that abuse always needs to be physical. Psychological and emotional kinds of abuse are not given a lot of importance in society. Even in the 21st century, there are people who do not consider mental health as an important part of the overall well-being of the human body. 

Many people opt to hire a domestic violence lawyer for victims of mental and physical abuse. The psychological consequences of domestic violence can be enormous, from absolute depreciation of self-worth to even the belief that an individual deserves this kind of violence. 

Persistent insults, emotionally berating the victim, and humiliation also falls under this category. Present or former intimate partners are common perpetrators of stalking, which can be considered a common type of psychological intimidation. 

Some of the victims are forced to believe that their spouse has complete control over them, which greatly impacts the power dynamic in a relationship; such things elevate the violator while discouraging the victim. 

Some victims suffer from depression that puts them at risk for suicide, eating disorders, and alcohol and drug misuse. As there is no physical proof for this kind of abuse, people cannot consider this type of domestic violence that is worthy of attention.  

# Sexual Abuse 

Sexual abuse is a sexual act, an effort to get a sexual act, acting to traffic, unwanted sexual comments or approaches aimed against an individual’s sexuality using coercion. 

Inspections for virginity or female genital mutilations are also methods of sexual abuse. There is sexual abuse when an individual is verbally forced to consent that they cannot understand the nature or condition of the act. 

When they cannot deny participation, and when they cannot deny articulating their refusal to be a part of a sexual act, it can also be regarded as a type of sexual abuse. Sometimes, it can be due to immaturity, illness, being under the influence of alcohol, or intimidation or pressure.

Reproductive coercion is another type of sexual abuse; this includes forcing the victim to abort a pregnancy and being denied to use of contraceptives.  

Many people opt for the top family lawyers in Perth to fight for the victims of such abuse. To have forced sexual intercourse with a spouse without their approval is sexual abuse and is called marital rape. 

# Financial Abuse 

Economic abuse is a type of abuse where one spouse can manipulate the other partner to get access to the economic resources of the latter. Marital assets can be a great way to assert control, and economic abuse might also include stopping a spouse from acquiring resources and exploiting the monetary asset of the victim.  

Why Choose Us? 

If you or anyone else is a victim of domestic violence, or if you witness violence inflicted on others, you need to seek help. The top family lawyers Perth can help provide justice to the victim of domestic violence. Hopefully, this blog will shed some light on the various factors associated with domestic violence and help you deal with the issues effectively! 

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