How Should You Use Online Child Custody Services In 2022?

April 7, 2022    Familylawyers
How Should You Use Online Child Custody Services In 2022?

The Internet has made our lives easier. Now, we have the ability to get things done quickly and correctly. We can just log on to the relevant website on the internet and know whatever we want to know in detail. Like many other things, we can also get to know all about the child custody services in 2022 online. Child custody lawyers in Perth also use online help and care arrangements.

Here are the instructions that will tell us how to change the care arrangements using the Child Support online account. This change in care arrangements may have an impact on the child support you render or receive from the other parent. Here is how your care affects child support.

Get Started

The first thing is that from your homepage, you need to choose to Advise a change of care. You will find the same in the Quick links section.

As another alternative, search for the MENU, and then followed by Children. There you will find the Advise a change of care.

Advise Change Of Care

On this page, you will find 7 tabs. Child support lawyers can support you navigate through this.

  • You can begin with the Information page. Read the page carefully and know all the details. It will help you know all the latest updates.
  • Now select Next.
  • Select Exit if you do not want advice on the change of care for your children
  • You can also select exit if you don’t want to start again. 
  • Also, if you want to save your progress and visit the page later, then exit.
  • Now when you exit, you will have to mention whether you want to save your progress.
  • If you want to save, then select Yes if you want to save for later, then check OK.
  • If you don’t want to save, then select a No. And do an OK.
  • When you are on the Select case page, then select the child or children case you want to mention care arrangements. You will have to fill in several details about the children. Different children will have different cases.
  • On the Select children page, choose the children whose care needs to be changed. If there are children who already have a changed care update, then the same will not get selected.
  • Click on Next and continue.
  • When you are on the Care details page, you will have to mention the reason why you want to change the care level.
  • You also need to mention the changed date of the care arrangement.
  • For this, you will have to select the calendar icon.
  • Enter the date manually in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Now click select to enter the details of the child you want to update care arrangements.

You also have to calculate the change in care based on the sections like Number of nights, percentage of the time, and calendar care.

  • In the Number of nights, select the new Number of nights of your care arrangements.
  • In the drop-down menu, select the frequency and mention the number of nights. Save the progress.
  • You will get a summary of the details
  • Check if the details are correct. And then, save.
  • If the information is missing or incorrect, select cancel and re-enter the correct details.
  • Again, check if the information is correct.
  • Choose Next if everything is mentioned correctly and go to Step 3.
  • In case of changes, select Back.

In the Percentage of time, choose the Percentage of time and make changes. 

  • Mention the percentage of care you provide. Do select Save.
  • If the information is not mentioned correctly, select Cancel and re-enter the details.
  • You will get to see the details. Ensure that the information is correct.
  • Select Next if the details are correct.
  • For making changes, select Back.

In the calendar care, select how often you care for your child.

  • Select the check box for the night.
  • Select the calendar icon and mention the start and end dates for the care in the format DD/MM/YYYY.
  • Add the dates and save the start and end dates.
  • Reset the calendar if you want to start again.
  • Check if the calendar dates and care details are mentioned rightly.
  • Use the text box to share more details.
  • Save to keep your changes.
  • Read the details to make sure everything is correct.
  • Select Next if the details are correct.
  • To re-enter your details and start again, select Reset Care.

Written Care Arrangements

On the page of the Care arrangements, you need to answer some questions about written care arrangements. Take the help of Family Lawyers Perth

Review And Submit

  • Check the summary of the details that are given to you.
  • Check the care details for your child.
  • Click on Back if you want to make changes.
  • If the details are right, read the declaration.
  • If you agree with the declaration, tick the box that you have read, understood, and accepted the declaration.
  • Finally, click Submit.


You get a receipt to confirm your update.
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