7 Rules To Follow During Separation And Divorce

October 5, 2023    Familylawyers
7 Rules To Follow During Separation And Divorce

In Australia, many people consult with separation lawyers in Perth when they are planning to separate or divorce their partner. Separation and divorce are difficult phases in a person’s life and can occur due to countless reasons.

Staying cooped together in the house, dealing with each other’s relatives, drinking and eating way too much can put strain on the relationship. There is no wonder why many couples begin to question the condition of their relationship.

But when he/she has planned to separate or divorce from their partner, they have to do so in a proper manner. Let’s find out more about it.

Rules One Must Following During Divorce and Separation

Whether one is divorcing or separating, the whole journey can be complicated, heartbreaking and difficult. But to make the entire process less painful, here are some rules one must follow:

1. Obtain all the Monetary Information

When one is divorcing or separating from their partner, they must have a good understanding of their existing monetary situation and financial position. Please speak with separation solicitors in Perth to learn what type of financial document one must collate.

They should also know what documents their former spouse or partner needs to provide. When there are some documents that one has access to, he/she must make a copy and place them in a safe area till they can give it to the lawyer.

It’s a request that one doesn’t think of hacking into online bank account emails or trying to open emails that are not addressed to them.

2. Don’t Hide the Funds

There are many individuals who try to hide all their assets from their former spouse or partner, and it’s surely not a good thing to do so. When there is proof that shows all the assets are not disclosed or have been moved, the court in Australia will give unfavourable orders.

Some of these orders include:

  • The settlement share will be lesser
  • Giving an order against the him/her
  • Appointing the forensic account to review his/her financial position in detail

3. Don’t Badmouth the Spouse to Friends or Children

Many divorce lawyers in Perth WA have said that they often heard some of their clients saying negative things about their former partner or spouse to their children or mutual friends. They do so to get them on their side.

Even though this type of thing might help a person get the children on their side, it will only be temporary. The children certainly see through all the comments.

They will arrive at an opinion that the other parent who behaved nicely is the one they wish to associate with once they become an adult. On certain occasions, children view themselves as a combination of half-dad and half-mum.

When one says all the negative things about the other parent, the children will think that he/she does not like that “other half” of them. This type of thing also happens with all the mutual friends of the partners or spouses. The friends will tire of all the negativity.

4. Review or Make a Will

When he/she separates or divorces, the primary thing that must do is change the Will. Most of the de facto and married couples will create joint Wills and make each other their heirs or executors.

Many married couples will not appreciate that the existing Will stays valid with the Divorce Order. This clearly means that the ex-partner can inherit the estate. For people who are in a de facto relationship, their separation will not affect their Will.

But it’s important to make sure that he/she gets to review their Will and make all the needed changes in it when they’re planning to separate from their partner/spouse.

5. Hire a Reliable Lawyer

Many individuals make the mistake of waiting way too long to obtain legal advice. It’s crucial to visit the good divorce lawyers Perth right before one plan to divorce or separate. An experienced and qualified lawyer can offer guidance on the divorce or separation process.

This includes providing information on entitlements and legal rights so that one does not make any type of unwanted decisions that they might end up regretting later. The family lawyers in Perth WA will dispel all the myths when it comes to family law.

They will ask all the questions about a specific situation and will assist him/her through the entire law process and provide advice on what type of outcome one can expect.

They will also let him/her know what they can do to obtain a good result and alternatives to court. One will come across time limits that they must stay well aware of. Due to such reasons, obtaining advice from a lawyer is vital.

6. Receiving Support

One must remember that no matter how isolated he/she feels, they’re not alone. There are various sources for separation and divorce counselling, which one can utilise to help them sort out the feelings they’re experiencing.

Counselling will also help individuals learn how they can deal with all their feelings in a constructive and healthy manner.

Even though family and friends can offer emotional support, it will be much better to obtain support from a professional, such as Perth Family Lawyers, counsellors or a psychologist.

When one starts to control their emotions, they can easily prepare themselves to handle all the decisions and negotiations during a divorce or separation.

7. Concentrate on the Bigger Picture

A reliable and trusted family violence lawyer always advises their clients to keep their focus on the bigger picture. This means the decisions one gets to make during the separation or divorce process can affect their children and themselves in the future.

That’s why it’s better not to fight over the semantics or try to prove that he/she is right. Please concentrate on the matter that stands out as the most vital, such as one’s future, the children, etc., rather than thinking about the painful past.

Doing so will not just allow him/her to divorce or separate amicably but also to obtain a settlement that one will feel satisfied with.

Final Words

Divorce or separation is pretty complex and painful. It will not be possible to deal with the entire process alone. That’s why taking the help of the Family Lawyers will make things much easier. They will offer their guidance on such matters and make sure that their clients receive the best outcome.

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