9 Things A Family Lawyer Can Do For Your Divorce Case

April 7, 2023    Familylawyers
9 Things A Family Lawyer Can Do For Your Divorce Case

When it comes to Family Law and Divorce cases, things can get complicated and difficult for the spouse. While a divorce lawyer and a judge are well-informed and experienced with all sorts of divorce cases, spouses going through a divorce for the first time can find it challenging to comprehend the steps involved in this legal process.

Not only can a family lawyer help you during the onset of your marriage, but they can also assist you by sticking to your side when the marriage meets a tragic end. From representing you in court to taking care of all paperwork, the best divorce lawyers in Perth can do many things for your divorce case.

Let’s explore the multiple things a family lawyer can do for you during marriage dissolution.

1. Gives Legal Advice on What NOT To Do

Your family law lawyer will advise you on what actions can be in your favour and what actions will not. They will gently tell you what you’re doing wrong, along with an explanation. For instance, if you intend to hurt the other parent, your lawyer will ask you to refrain from such thoughts.

Let’s take a scenario where the divorce turned into a heated custody war. Your spouse may want to reduce your visitation hours with the kids. Your spouse may even come up with baseless neglect and child abuse allegations. In that case, you may get angry and hurt the spouse.

This can ruin your case, and things can go in other parents’ favour. Similarly, if you make such baseless allegations and the other side proves you wrong, you may lose custody of the child. In either case, it’s best to seek legal counsel and take action after your lawyer’s suggestion.

Having a divorce lawyer right from the beginning can prevent you from making such foolish or unhealthy decisions.

2. Prevents You From Making Any Expensive Mistakes

The best family lawyers in Perth know the danger zones for you during a divorce and prevent you from falling into them. These danger zones include the following:

  • Division of the assets, such as pension plans or retirement plans, which you may usually overlook. Acknowledging drafted legal documentation that is unenforceable but you may don’t know about it.
  • Thinking that the division of property should be done in an equal ratio. The best family lawyers in Perth know how to distribute some specific marital property equitably so their client gets the beneficial edge over the other party.
  • Spouses opt for the legal step just to get back on their partner. This will result in huge emotional and financial loss. Not only will you end up paying huge legal bills, but the problem will remain unresolved. This is where the best lawyers come to aid. They will resolve conflict and advice you to avoid litigation.

3. Manages Your Prenuptial Agreements

The definition of a prenuptial agreement is simple. It is basically a contract you and your spouse signed before a civil or marriage union. The content of the contract differs from one case to another.

However, the sole purpose of it is to outline provisions associated with property partition and spousal maintenance in case of divorce or separation. The best divorce lawyers in Perth, WA, can assist you in drafting a prenuptial agreement and handling any issues.

4. Represents You In The Courtroom

The first course of action any divorce lawyer takes is to resolve the family or spousal dispute outside the court. However, in the end, most of the issues end up in court.

In such an event, your family lawyer will be the ideal person to help you fight litigation and get justice. They have all the legal expertise and knowledge of all complex family laws to help litigants like you get justice.

5. Make Arrangements For Child Custody

If you’re involved in a child custody battle with your spouse, get immediate assistance from your family lawyer. The lawyer will serve as the voice of reason, helping to separate emotion from practicalities in what may be one of the most emotional circumstances of a person’s life.

The family lawyer will advocate on your behalf and attempt to get you the custody plan that is most suitable for your particular circumstance. They will serve as your vital conduit to resources, as your guide through the convoluted legal system, and as a calming influence when your emotions threaten to overwhelm you.

6. Establishes Responsibilities For Child Support

You can be obligated to pay child support or might be the one receiving it, depending on your particular circumstances. In either case, a capable family lawyer will collaborate with you to achieve the most reasonable and justified result for your interests as well as the needs of your children.

Your lawyer will ensure the court has all the data it needs to correctly determine the child support obligations and will tell the court of any unique circumstances. In some instances, it may be crucial to establish paternity, and a family lawyer can also assist with this.

7. Establishes Financial Support Obligations (Alimony)

Spousal support, often known as alimony, may be granted in the event of a divorce. Whether paying the spousal report or being the recipient, a family lawyer can be crucial in advocating for your unique requirements and circumstances.

A family lawyer may, among other things, look into a party’s financial resources as well as their capacity to work and/or maintain the same standard of living they did while married. According to complex and strict rules, spousal assistance is only permitted in some states and under certain circumstances.

In these situations, the family lawyer will ensure submitting the necessary facts and documentation to the court.

8. Handles Your Divorce Case While You’re Away

Divorcing your spouse can be difficult when living in a different nation or state. In that event, you’ll have to undergo several bureaucratic obligations and litigations to get a legal divorce.

Here, the best divorce lawyers can help you with all the paperwork and litigation process. You may only have to visit the state where you applied for divorce once or twice.

9. Manages Your Will & Estate Document

A Will is a legal supporting document that helps individuals declare how their property should be distributed in the event of their demise. During a divorce, the separation from your spouse may require you to make changes in your will document.

This is where your family lawyer can help you out. After sorting out the division of property between you and your spouse, your lawyer will help you re-draft a will according to the share of the property you hold after the divorce.

Ending Note

To conclude, having one of the best family lawyers in Perth WA, at the time of your marriage dissolution (divorce) can save you from a load of troubles and hassle. Unlike us, they can deal with such a conflict rationally with their years of expertise handling many similar cases.

With the right legal knowledge and expertise, a family lawyer will resolve divorce-related issues, including estate management, alimony, child custody, and more. Take no worries, as the best divorce lawyers from Family Lawyers Perth will stick by your side throughout this unfortunate phase of your life.

So, if any such conflict ever arises in life, waste no time calling Family Lawyers Perth first.

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