How Can Family Lawyers Help With Applying For A Consent Order In WA?

May 17, 2023    Familylawyers
How Can Family Lawyers Help With Applying For A Consent Order In WA?

The consent orders are likely to deal with both parental and financial matters. These orders would give you similar results as a court hearing but through an agreement. Thus, you do not have to be legally present in court to come to the final decision.

It is necessary for both parties to apply for the order under the guidance of family law lawyers. As it is a serious step, they would ensure both parties have consent in the final decision.

The blog has identified important steps to apply for consent orders. Keep reading, as you can also learn about lawyers’ effectiveness in this regard.

Do You Know What a Consent Order Is?

The consent order is generally a decree that includes both the party’s consent under legal judgment. Regardless of a judgment, the process mainly prioritizes a mutual settlement. It does not force the parties to be legally present at the court, but it is necessary that they consult the Consent orders Perth to encourage a legal force in the situation.

How Many Kinds Are There in the Consent Order?

There are two types of consent orders, as mentioned below.

Property Consent Orders

The arrangements related to the property are stipulated by the property consent. Cars, money, house, property, and other superannuation fall under these orders. The common assets and debts are also equally divided among the two parties. Under the consent order family law, the assets are divided outside the court.

Parenting Consent Orders

Parenting consent elucidates the consent of child care. It usually consists of settlements regarding the children’s residence, schooling, and others. Also, it decides how much they are going to spend with both their parents. The limit of communication for any of the parties is also stipulated in this order.

When it comes to the separation of assets, a peaceful arrangement takes work. No matter how calm and conscious you both are. More than that, the future of the child also entirely depends on who gets custody. Rearing a child is a big responsibility. So do not compromise on any unfruitful arrangements. Consider consulting family law lawyers for a streamlined agreement to suit the best of both of you.

How Is a Consent Order Different from a Court Order?

The consent order and court orders both must be established under some legal grounds and must be enforceable by the court. Thus, they are not practically different from each other. But if you want to give an application for consent orders WA, you must know why you are choosing this. The key differences lie in the following grounds.

  • In a consent order, the parties have to ask the court to issue an order after they have come to a mutual settlement. Here both the party’s consents are compulsory, and the court plays a minor role.
  • In court orders, the court can issue the order without taking both the party’s consent. The court dictates the involved parties follow the property or child custody-related decisions made by the court. Thus, the judge plays a significant role in this matter.

The court order does not give the parties any opportunity for negotiation. Here both parties have to be respectful of the decisions made by the court and follow them.

In contrast, the consent order consists of the terms and conditions that prove both parties have mutually decided on the agreement. Both of them have consented to it. For more clearance, you can contact the family lawyers Perth WA, to understand the pros and cons of the consent order. Know what would be best for you and your future.

What Are the Factors That Can Influence a Consent Order?

The consent order is a peaceful way of going through dissolution. Regardless of this, there might be some influential factors to disrupt this order. In the majority of cases, child custody is the foremost factor.

Neither you nor the court wants your child to encounter any challenges while growing up without his parents. Hence, some factors related to his well-being are what explicitly impact the order.

  • The relationship of the child with the parents.
  • The history of parental activities.
  • The health of the children.
  • The education of the children.
  • The child’s future decision-making.
  • Financial support for the child’s welfare.
  • Risky past incidents include violence or abuse.
  • Threat to addiction for any of the parents.

Though the court has minimal interference in these orders, these kinds of threats can easily interrupt it. So before you lodge your application for consent orders remember to consider the components.

What Are the Benefits of a Consent Order Over a Court Order?

Orders are not very prominent but have more beneficial sides than a court order.

  • It is cost-effective.
  • Easy settlement within a short time period.
  • It prevents hampering relationships.
  • Free from legal bounds.
  • It ends with a settlement agreed upon by both parties.

To complete the process successfully and receive all the benefits, consult the best family lawyers Perth. They will fight for your rights and avoid finalizing any decision that may restrict benefits for you.

What Role Does a Family Lawyer Play in Consent Order Arrangements?

The lawyers from the Consent Orders Perth play the most extensive role in the process. They have all the legal knowledge to advise you and your spouse on what would be best for you. They will also make the appropriate decision for your children.

Remember, if your spouse misrepresents the truth, you will not be able to settle the matter yourself. The lawyers can help you avoid any such conspiracies. On the other hand, you will be able to understand the consent order family law even better.


In conclusion, consents are a better option when you want a mutual agreement on your divorce decision. You can both agree on the asset divisions to avoid unnecessary chaos. The lawyers from Family Lawyers Perth WA can help you throughout the process. Also, you can review or repeal the decisions made by the court with their help.

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