How To Settle And Negotiate Property Disputes Quickly

February 24, 2023    Familylawyers
How To Settle And Negotiate Property Disputes Quickly

When there are disputes, the top negotiators often have to face a tough choice. They have to make the choice of if they want to reach a settlement on their own or hand the decision-making authority over to a judge, jury or a lawyer. Property disputes often arise among people, and most take the issue to court.

Before you plan to hire the best property settlement lawyers to settle property disputes, you must know that people often benefit from settling disputes without involving the court. In this guide, you will learn about settling and negotiating property issues as soon as possible.

Settling The Issue Out Of Court Vs The Costs Of Going To Court

When settling any property issues out of court can help eliminate specific negotiation barriers. There can be various disadvantages to involving a court in your disputes. Some of the differences are as follows:

1. Transaction Costs

Parties may have to pay huge transaction costs from lawsuits, including loss of time and legal fees. There are chances that either one or both sides of an issue may persuade the other side to initiate concessions by trying to increase the transaction cost of the other party.

For example, they can request plenty of documents and present many questions that may take hours to answer. If you have a legal team, they may also have financial incentives to form a discovery process. When estimating legal fees, the disputants may fail to factor in the time and expense of litigation when ending up in court.

2. There Is No Cooperation

There is a misconception that family lawyers are rigid or aggressive and never accommodate, leading to the clients not allowing their legal team not to explore creative tradeoffs. It is not rare to see that both parties in a dispute can start improving their claims or positions to make it known that they will not back down under any circumstances.

In such a kind of environment, both parties see concessions and compromise as signs of vulnerability or weakness. They do not see them as possible value-creating moves, and this is a major mistake they made. Most people opt to hire the best lawyers to settle disputes during property disputes.

3. There Are Damaged Relationships

Most negotiators are unable to properly consider the effects that legal action can have on their relationship and with other parties. There are chances that a property dispute may bring differences in relationships but taking the matter to court can also destroy relationships.

For instance, a divorcing couple can negotiate a child-custody arrangement with the assistance of a mediator. This can help their relationship be more productive post-divorce, which will benefit not only themselves but also their children. Though litigation has obvious drawbacks, it may be the best way to help you meet specific goals.

When Is Litigation Considered To Be The Best Option?

You must know that with the help of negotiation, no matter who conducts it, it always leads to favourable outcomes for you. In most property dispute cases, you will find that litigation is the best option. Some of the situations where you may need litigation are as follows:

1. Your Counterpart Does Not Cooperate Enough

If the other party refuses or does not intend to negotiate in proper faith, you may have to take the case to court. This will ensure that the property settlement case will be solved at the earliest. When an Australian court orders discovery, the other party will have to supply information that they may not have provided during the dispute resolution process.

2. There Is More Publicity And Openness

Before you opt for property settlement lawyers Perth, know that if you want to clear your name or provide attention to the other party’s behaviour, you can pursue the litigation process. Here, the outcome may be published, and there may be no private negotiations.

3. You Can Help Discourage False Charges

If you have been trapped in false cases before, you can take such cases to court so that they will not target you in the future.

4. You Can Easily Settle Legal Questions

If you have to settle a dispute as per the established norms or look to settle new precedents, you have to let the courts decide what to do. This can help make things easier for you.

Why Should You Look To Settle Property Disputes Out of Court?

There are various reasons why you may look to settle issues out of court; these guidelines can help provide the best dispute resolution solutions:

1. You Must Ensure That The Process Is Fair

Before you tackle your disputes, you must negotiate the important elements of the process with the opposite party. You can also opt to choose experts such as lawyers to get involved in negotiations. When you do so, it will enhance the odds that both parties will see the final outcome as fair and unbiased.

2. You Can Identify Interests And Tradeoffs.

As one of the parties, you will always not involve courts in your property settlement matters. But it is important to follow all our interests. But in case the other party does not meet your needs, you may have to take the issue to court.

For instance, in any business, you can improve value in any dispute when you open up regarding your preferences. When you do so, it can help you identify all the possible tradeoffs. When you are in a dispute-resolution process, you must revisit these questions:

  • What are your true underlying interests?
  • How can you achieve them in the best way possible?
  • How much are you prepared to pay to say that you won?

You must also encourage the other party to ensure that their interests are heard. You have to do all these while in negotiation and also to keep those things in mind.

3. You Must Look For A Decision Analysis

Property settlement lawyers Perth are usually said to be hesitant to assure their client of winning in a court case. Still, then, you will require a proper evaluation of the opportunities and risks of litigation. This can help you make informed predictions on ways to move forward.
The lawyers that you hire must have proper knowledge of decision-making tools or abilities, such as dependency diagrams, and decision-making abilities and be ready to use them when needed.

4. You Can Reduce Discovery Costs

If you consider opting for a lawsuit, you may undergo a time-consuming discovery process. It may include searching through data reams and also conducting depositions. You can easily lessen these costs by looking to negotiate a low-cost exchange of information with the opposite party.

What Are Some Top Strategies That Can Help You Win Negotiations?

Some of the top strategies or ways by which you can win negotiations are as follows:

  • Active listening skills
  • You must stay calm when the negotiations become intense
  • You must learn ways to identify the avoidance tactics
  • You must finalise all your goals from the get-go.

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