Signs To Indicate If You Are In An Abusive Relationship in Australia

February 8, 2024    Family Lawyers Perth
Signs To Indicate If You Are In An Abusive Relationship in Australia

Domestic violence is a grave offence, and the Australian government has strong laws against family violence and domestic assault. Sources state that 11% of Australian adults have faced domestic violence at the hands of their partner. Women have high rates of hospitalisation due to injuries inflicted as a result of domestic assault, with an average of 10 per day. 15% of adult men also face domestic violence.

Being a victim of domestic violence is harrowing. It is a state of alarm when your safety and security are the greatest priority. However, our team of domestic violence lawyers in Perth understand the challenges of removing oneself from the perpetrator of violence. Often, abusive relationships can be difficult to identify as a result of gaslighting and manipulation.

If you have a hunch or a feeling that the relationship you are in is abusive, chances are it is. There are several ways to analyse and confirm if your relationship is abusive or can take a turn for the worse.

The following are some signals that indicate an unsafe environment. If you identify with any of the points stated ahead, it is imperative to prioritise your safety, seek help and reach out to your support system as soon as possible.

What constitutes an abusive relationship?

When people think of domestic violence, often the first idea associated with it is physical assault. While most emotionally abusive relationships end up in physical assault, it is not the only type of abuse. Usually, there can be other forms of abuse which can lead to assault.

Manipulation and gaslighting

If your partner is using psychological methods and conversations that make you question your reality, sanity or experiences, it is considered gaslighting. This is one of the primary ways in which abusers silence their victims by making them doubt their judgement, hence making them feel incapable of making decisions on their own.

Financial abuse

Not providing your partner or family with economic freedom and means to survive is one of the most common parts of an abusive relationship. It is important to contact domestic abuse solicitors at the earliest to prevent further escalation of financial violence.


If your partner is forceful beyond negotiation, where they compel you to agree to their terms despite being harmful to you, your partner may be coercive. In such cases, victims can feel intimidated, and their safety can be severely compromised. It is imperative to reach out to support systems and domestic assault lawyers as soon as you have an opening or a chance.

Sexual abuse

One of the most traumatizing and damaging forms of violence, sexual abuse unfortunately constitutes a major part of abusive relationships. However, it is important to remember that just because your partner is in a relationship with you, they do not get the right to impose themselves on you and disregard your consent. This counts in the case of marital rape as well. If you’ve experienced sexual abuse, it is important to know that it is a criminal offence with strong repercussions. Family lawyers in Perth WA can support you and help you seek justice against such malicious acts.

Controlling behaviour

If your partner maintains surveillance over you, monitors your activity and creates rules around what you can and cannot do, then they are violating your right to autonomy. If your free will and mobility are being compromised on a daily basis, it is important to identify this behaviour as abusive. Talking to Family Law Solicitors Perth can help you strategize ways to safely navigate and leave a relationship like this.

Physical violence

Suppose you find your partner raising their hands at you or even threatening or harbouring ideas to be physically violent towards you. That is a clear sign to leave the relationship immediately. Often, victims find it hard to leave at this stage because of psychological manipulation from abusive partners. In worse cases, it can break the victim’s self-esteem and make them want to sustain staying in the relationship in hopes of a potential change in their partner’s behaviour. However, it is extremely important to know that physical assault is a consistent behaviour pattern in violent abusers, and it does not stop till there is intervention.

Summing up

Experiencing domestic abuse can be one of the most distressing situations where victims can feel utterly isolated and hopeless. However, in moments like this, holding on to hope and seeking support and legal assistance as soon as possible is key to getting out. Contact our team of the best family lawyers in Perth to support and guide you to safety and seek the justice you deserve.

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