Maximize Your Chances To Get Child Custody In Australia

April 17, 2020    Familylawyers
Maximize Your Chances To Get Child Custody In Australia

In a fiercely contested battle for custody it is not always a guarantee that the elder person will get the custody of the children. It is therefore extremely important for you to leave no stones unturned to increase your chance of winning the custody battle. Here are few ways that may tip the scale in your favour.

  1. First and foremost, the most important step that you need to take to win a custody battle is having the right lawyer represent you. You should feel right at ease while discussing your case with them, and feel welcomed in their office. Stay away from lawyers that provide a 100% assurance to win the case for you. Always remember there is no complete guarantee in winning the case until and unless it is over. Lucky for you we have some best family lawyers in Perth.
  2. Do not choose to lie to your solicitor or especially to the courthouse during the proceedings. Always keep that in mind that the court will choose to provide custody to the most suitable parent. Any false statement will jeopardize your position and quickly put you out of favour.
  3. During the custody battles try to stay as sober as you can be. Keep away from drinking, partying or clubbing. According to child custody lawyers in Perth this is one of the first things they advise their client. This can easily be used against you in court as a reckless behaviour. It is also advised to try to keep away from dating and even if you are avoid bringing them to your children. Do not mention to any one that you are happy together or want to tie a knot sometimes soon.
  4. Stop mixing with unsavoury companies during your battle for custody. You will be judged by the company you keep. Stay far away from drugs and illegal substances as it is not uncommon for the judge to order a drug test on you. This is a strict advice you should follow if you want to increase your chances of winning custody.
  5. It is a strict no, when it comes to letting your ward know about the legal battle. Your child can only be communicated about the case when the court deems necessary and will appoint another lawyer to serve the purpose in the child’s best interest. Refrain from speaking to your ward about the other parent in a bad light, no matter even it is true. This can be held against you in the court of law. So please remember to be the bigger person at all times.
  6. Always keep it in your mind that you are being held in the court of law and not anybody else even if they have paid for your case. Do not speak something unwillingly or by force of others. In fact if you have hired a decent lawyer they should brief this message to your friends and family. Remember that whatever you discuss with your lawyer is protected by a confidentiality clause. It is advised that you don’t include any other person in this meeting as they can be called upon by the court to testify against you.
  7. Even if your family and friends have the best interest for you in their heart or a past experience in this matter, don’t take up any advice they throw at you regarding the case. You should only listen to yourfamily law solicitors advice. Only your lawyer will be able to provide you with the safest advice considering the present law and not your family member with a past record of 3 divorces. Act wisely and cautiously.
  8. It is always advisable to keep the case proceedings to yourself, do not share any information with any 3rd party through text or social media. All of your cell phone records or any other digital media records can be produced in the court of law as evidence. Never choose to defame the judge or the courthouse as it will simply help your contestant’s cause in proving your ineligibility as a parent. Stay away from confining any information to anyone, even your best friends. Knowing any ones motive is beyond our control, so it is best not to open up to anyone other than a certified doctor or counselor regarding your case.
  9. You should always feel free to ask any questions to your lawyer as each and every one of them is important. Try to write them down so that nothing slips your mind. Don’t judge a lawyer on the fact that they are not invested in you emotionally. They can perform the best when not emotionally attached to a client. It is necessary to keep a complete trust on your lawyer once you have selected them.
  10. The final advice one could possibly give, is to work in co-ordination with your lawyer as he has the best interest for you. It is advised to play an active role along with your lawyer rather than waiting for them to prompt you every time. Try and keep all records of all required documents with you, so that it is easier to produce even if something goes missing. Always remember that try to play as a team rather than being dependent on them all the time. This will only help in increasing your chance of winning the custody battle.

Parting thoughts

These were some tips and methods that you can follow to maximize your chance to win the custody battle. Although you can find a lot of good solicitors and family lawyers Perth, it is best advised to do a little background research on them, before finally selecting someone to represent you in the court. Remember, that the best lawyers can guarantee strong contest and you can even end up winning the case. So, it’s always better to get associated with a team of legal adepts who have years of professional experience in fighting such child custody cases.

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