What Impact Does Domestic Violence Have on Your Kids?

September 14, 2022    Familylawyers
What Impact Does Domestic Violence Have on Your Kids?

There are numerous children who are exposed to violence in their homes and are victims of physical abuse as well. And unfortunately, they are at serious risk for long-term mental and physical health problems. Besides, it might also impact their behavior and increase the risks of becoming violent in their future relationships.

As a parent, if you are experiencing domestic abuse, it can be quite difficult to protect your child. However, the quickest solution to this is to hire the best domestic violence lawyer Perth has to offer. They will help you obtain peace of mind and attempt to punish the criminal.

Today, this article is here to provide you with some informative insights into the impact of domestic violence on your kids. We hope this will help you understand the situation thoroughly and help you overcome the troubles. Also, hiring the best domestic violence lawyer will help in the procedure.

Come, let’s dive in.

Family Or Domestic Violence – What Is It?

There is no significant definition of family violence. However, it can be defined as threatening or violent behaviour that controls a family member(s) or makes them fearful. Various kinds of violence and behaviour can be termed domestic violence. Some of them include:

  • Psychological or emotional violence
  • Physical violence
  • Financial violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Religious and cultural violence

The most common domestic violence is the considerable use of control and power. This means one superior family member violently controls one or more members of the family.

Few Examples Of Family Violence Behaviours

A plethora of behaviours are likely to constitute family violence but are certainly not limited to them. Here is a list of some of the most common family violence behaviours you are likely to see around:

  • Impeding access to medical care
  • Physical assault
  • Making humiliating and intimidating comments
  • Property destruction
  • Threats of harming pets
  • Unwanted acts related to sexual abuse
  • Prevent participation in both cultural and religious activities
  • Denying access to personal property, including money and other essential items
  • Threatening to use legal systems to inflict psychological and financial harm
  • Stalking through technology or in-person

You will also find quite a few examples of family violence behaviours in the Family Law Act (4AB)

Can Family Violence Have An Impact On Children?

Yes, growing up in an environment where family violence prevails can have a profound impact on children. Besides the risks of physical harm, family violence can have a greater impact on a child’s well-being in areas including:

  • Emotional
  • Behavioural
  • Developmental
  • Social
  • Educational, etc.

How Can Children Experience Family Or Domestic Violence?

There are various ways in which children experience domestic violence. And the ways how family violence is inflicted can often involve certain behaviours that target children directly. It is basically a means of inflicting harm on the child’s parents. Family violence behaviors that are directed at a child’s parent can make the child face serious consequences.

You should remember that family violence is not always an adult-to-adult form of violence. People can also inflict family violence on children, and that is extremely harmful. Getting in touch with family lawyers in Perth WA is crucial as things become terrible and toxic. They will help in pointing out the abuser and punish them for their misdeeds.

Can Family Violence Affect Parenting?

Yes, family violence can essentially affect parenting. This is because the decision to inflict family violence determines what kind of parent a person is going to become. So, as a parent, if you experience family violence, you will possess a typical parenting style. And some of the most common actions and behavior include:

  • Vigorously using manipulative and coercive tactics
  • Significantly showing a lack of warmth
  • Making use of harsh and strict discipline
  • Inconsistent with discipline
  • Lack of involvement in the tasks of routine parenting
  • Involving anger in regular expressions, especially toward children
  • Blaming others rather than taking responsibility for their own behavior
  • Zero involvement in the tasks of routine parenting
  • Deliberately undermining the other parent in every way possible

There are instances where family violence can significantly impact the parenting behaviors of the parent who is experiencing violence. Some of the typical changes in behavior include:

  • Making themselves lesser available to meet the needs and requirements of a child
  • Altering the parenting techniques for appeasing the perpetrator
  • Experiencing anxiety, depression, and associating with substance abuse brings about significant health problems.

These kinds of behavior can considerably impact the parenting capacity of the abused victim. That is why it is important to understand why domestic violence victims behave typically. And eventually, they might appear to become inconsistent with good parenting practices.

But when you look closely, you will notice that typical behavior is important for protecting their child from serious harm.

How Can Family Violence Impact Children In Other Ways?

In domestic violence, a child is directly exposed to trauma and risks to physical safety. And to some extent, family violence also has a negative impact on parenting behavior. Besides, it can also deliberately impact a child’s life through indirect outcomes of violence.

Here are some other ways how family violence can impact a child’s life:

  • Housing instability
  • Financial insecurity
  • Significant educational disruptions
  • Eliminating contact with cousins and extended family

How Can Children Be Protected From The Harsh Impacts Of Family Violence?

It would be best if you took note that all children don’t have the same effect because of family violence. Here is a range of factors that can be used to protect a child from family violence:

  • Obtain positive support from other adults just outside their immediate family, like family, friends, relatives, and teachers.
  • Acquiring the help of a non-violent parent who provides warmth, structure, emotional support, and positive reinforcement.
  • The unique characteristics and mature behavior of a child
  • Incredibly supportive and close relationship with siblings
  • Having the capability to maintain regular routines like attending school and participating in other extracurricular activities.

So, providing a peaceful and motivational environment to children will help them remain mentally and physically safe. Also, it will divert their minds from the ongoing domestic violence in their homes. As an abused parent, you should prioritize yourself and your child’s wellbeing.

Can Domestic Violence Cease Exist After Parents’ Separation?

Well, the risks associated with domestic violence don’t necessarily stop as soon as a child’s parents are separated. This is because family violence continues to prevail even after separation. Because there are instances where family violence deliberately escalated, especially during the time of separation. In fact, there are some families where family violence literally commences at the time of separation.

Is It Better To Raise A Child As A Single Parent?

Yes, it is. Children are always at their best when they are in a stable, safe, and loving environment. It doesn’t matter whether they have both their parents present. Any negative aura must be eliminated from the surrounding of a child so that they grow up well.

To Conclude

If you are in an abusive relationship, you should acquire help from the best family lawyers Perth has to offer. They will not only help you come out of the abusive relationship but also press legal charges against the abuser. It is always a good decision if you decide to move out with your child. This will help both of you to live a life with absolute mental and physical peace.


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