What Are Abusive Relationships And Domestic Violence In Australia?

March 1, 2023    Familylawyers
What Are Abusive Relationships And Domestic Violence In Australia?

Domestic violence also called family violence is when someone manipulates to maintain power or uses violence to exercise control over people they are close to. This can involve intimidation, threats, violence, insults or psychological manipulation. The abuse might also involve an ex-partner or partner, a family member, a guardian or anyone in close contact with another person.

Before you hire a domestic violence lawyer, you must know that domestic violence can happen to anyone no matter their sex, gender or background and can also find themselves in abusive relationships. Read the blog below to learn more about the different abusive relationships and cases of domestic violence in Australia.

What Are The Different Types Of Domestic Violence And Abuse?

An abusive relationship doesn’t need to always be physical violence. There are other types of damage abuse, though, none of them is acceptable. The abuser can be of any gender and can be of any sex.

The different types of domestic violence and abuse are as follows:

  1. Physical Abuse: It can include direct assault on the body such as slapping, strangulation, shaking, pushing, punching or kicking. It can also include the use of weapons or physical objects, physical abuse can include denial of food, throwing objects and also the destruction of property.
  2. Sexual Abuse: This can be any form of rape, unwanted/forced sexual activity, sexual insults/threats, refusing to wear a condom or not allowing access to contraception.
  3. Verbal Abuse: This can be verbal attacks, insults, name-calling, threats, insults, yelling, humiliation and much more. The themes might also relate to sexuality, gender identity, body shape, ability or intelligence as a parent.
  4. Emotional/Psychological Abuse: Before you hire a family lawyers for your case, you must learn about this type of abuse. This involves ignoring or blaming the person, treating an individual as inferior, saying their behaviour is not proper, questioning their real sense, suicide threats or emotional blackmails. The accused might also spy, stalk or follow the other person. This can also include monitoring emails, and phone calls and using GPS tracking.
  5. Social Isolation: This can include isolating the victim from their friends and family, preventing contact with them and being rude to friends and family. The accused may also insist the individual moves far away from employment opportunities or family support.
  6. Financial Abuse: This includes maintaining control of family finances that includes restricting access to bank accounts, preventing the individual from working, interrupting interviews, theft, meetings and much more.
  7. Spiritual Abuse: Before hiring a domestic violence lawyer, you must also know about this kind of abuse. This includes ridiculing an individual’s religious beliefs, or culture or preventing them from being part of a religious or cultural group.
  8. Child Abuse: This usually includes sexual and physical abuse, verbal abuse or emotional abuse of a child.
  9. Elder Abuse: This includes all forms of abuse directed at older adults.
  10. Neglect: This mostly includes the basic psychological or physical needs of a person that you are caring for such as a child. This might also include failure to safeguard them from any kind of physical harm or danger.

It will also include stopping them from acquiring medical care. It can also be neglect or unresponsiveness to the other individual’s basic emotional needs.

Who Is At Risk Of Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence can affect anyone in the community and this is regardless of the level of status, income, gender, sex, age, culture or race. It is a common fact that most of the victims are female, children while the perpetrators are male. Though there are cases of domestic violence against men.

The risk of any form of domestic violence is usually the highest during the time of a relationship breakdown. Other risk factors include pregnancy, alcohol/drug addiction and much more. Women who have a history of mental illness and are aboriginals most likely experience domestic violence.

What Are Some Of The Signs Of Domestic Violence?

There are specific injuries that can act as warning signs that an individual might be the victim of domestic violence. For instance, people who have repeated/several injuries without any logical explanation. They are more prone to accidents and usually have marks like bruises, cigarette burns, fingernail scratches and many more.

Some of the other signs of domestic violence that you might notice in friends or relatives are as follows:

  • They remain quiet and seem to have lost their confidence.
  • They are usually afraid of their partner.
  • They stopped visiting friends and family.
  • You often see that their partner criticizes them, keeps ordering them to do things and makes all the decisions.
  • They often talk about their partner’s jealousy or bad temper.
  • They are usually known to have broken bones, cuts, sprains or physical injuries.
  • You will witness that the child usually seems afraid of an individual or shows anxious behaviours.

What Are Some Effects Of Domestic Violence?

Before you hire the best family lawyer Perth, you should be aware of some of the effects of domestic violence. Some of them are as follows:

  • Have trouble sleeping
  • People feel scared or anxious
  • They have trouble concentrating
  • People often lose self-confidence
  • There is a feeling of isolation.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, You might also find yourself changing your behaviour or avoiding specific topics. You might also feel that you deserve the abuse or blame yourself for that. There can be physical injuries too and people who are in abusive relationships may also be at risk of STIs.

How Can This Type Of Abuse Affect My Children?

Domestic violence usually has harmful effects on children, even if the child is not a direct victim of such violence. When children witness violence between parents, their sense of safety and security might be disrupted. These types of violence usually have negative long-term effects on children.

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